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When used with an approved disinfection solution, NPURE automatically delivers a dry-mist of vapor disinfectant to exposed surfaces within a room. This mist not only covers primary or “high touch” surfaces, but also those hard to reach areas often missed by other disinfectants.


NPURE® is a portable and effective system designed to achieve uniform, whole room coverage when used with an approved disinfection solution. 


HP dry mist is non-corrosive, biodegradable and safe for electronics.


Touch screen interface makes the process easy to setup. NPURE’s Intelligent System automatically adjusts the dose based on room size.


360 degree nozzle provides uniform, whole room coverage.


Low capital and consumable costs.


A 15 x 15 ft. room can be disinfected in around 2 minutes.



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Yes, machines such as computers, TVs, and lasers etc. should be turned off while being fogged.

Yes, moving air should be blocked/stopped to allow for an even distribution of fog on surfaces.

The NPURE is odorless.

Yes, vaporized antibacterial mist evaporates extremely fast and is safe for use around electronics once turned off. Vapor mist sanitizer systems are used around aircraft electronics and sensitive medical diagnostic machines daily.

Because water and oxygen are the only by-products from a Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor (HPV) sterilization process, this type of sterilization is not harmful to the environment.

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