Plasma IQTM

Safe. Effective. Great ROI.

Plasma IQ is a lightweight, ergonomic device that delivers focused, controlled energy to safely and effectively create microinjuries on the skin to produce renewed and restored skin. 

How It Works

Plasma IQ is a lightweight, ergonomic device that delivers focused, controlled energy to safely and effectively create microinjuries on the skin, renewing and restoring it. 

Step 1

Plasma IQ ionizes gas particles to create an electrical arc that causes controlled microinjuries on the skin.

Step 2

These microinjuries activate the natural healing process, causing stimulated fibroblasts to generate new collagen and elastin.  

Step 3

Small scabs form in the treated area and remain for around a week before falling off, revealing renewed and restored skin. 

Before & Afters

Plasma IQ tightens, lifts, and renews delicate skin around the face and body to help improve the appearance of aging skin, with impressive results.

Plasma IQ is FDA cleared to be used in the removal and destruction of skin lesions and the coagulation of tissue. The most common side effects are swelling, tenderness, scabbing, and redness. Plasma IQ is Rx only and should only be used by medically licensed and certified practitioners. For full product and safety information, visit


Safety, Support & Training

  • The first and only Class 2 cleared plasma energy device.
  • Individualized educational support and training offered both remotely and in-person.

Quality & Precision

  • Designed, manufactured and distributed by Neauvia. Each of our devices is backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • Adjustable high and low energy settings help providers achieve optimal patient outcomes while minimizing downtime and side effects.

Return on Investment

  • Average treatment time is 30 minutes or less.
  • Can be combined with other treatments to maximize practice revenue.
  • Great alternative for patients looking for a non-surgical solution.



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Individual results will vary, but most patients see and feel improved lifting, tightening and firmness of the skin with improved texture and tone after each treatment.

Most patients will see immediate and long-time effects from their Zaffiro treatment. Results will continue to improve over the following months, as new collagen is formed.

The recommended number of treatments will vary depending on your specific concerns, expectations and severity of skin concern. Typically, we recommend a series of up to 4 treatments for the face or 6 treatments for the body with a maintenance treatment plan.

Zaffiro treatments are non-invasive and do not require any “downtime” for recovery. However, limiting exposure to the sun and daily application of SPF 50 is recommended.

Water peeling can be done as often as every week. Thermo-lifting is recommended monthly.

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