Plasma IQ is the FIRST AND only FDA class 2 cleared plasma energy device.

key features

neauvia precision

Neauvia Precision technology allows for careful control and adjustment of energy delivery to optimize treatments for both results and patient comfort.

Smart energy

Deliver the precise amount of energy desired using the High (950V) or Low (650V) buttons during treatment

Low setting for thin and sensitive skin

High setting for more aggressive treatments on thicker and firmer areas of the skin

Using the correct energy level can decrease downtime, encourage faster healing and minimize the risk and severity of side effects

Precise, high quality electrodes

High quality electrode delivers precise and highly targeted energy for improved results.

neauvia versatility

Neauvia Versatility means each device is carefully designed to treat a variety of indications and areas safely and effectively.

Smart energy

Two levels of energy allow for safely and effective treatments for a variety of indications and areas:

  • triggers the natural healing process to renew and restore healthy skin
  • remove lesions

Energy-based therapy

Leverages natural healing functions of the skin to improve appearance

neauvia practicality

Neauvia Practicality puts to practice real-world input from providers and practitioners to ensure ease of usability and practical pricing that helps providers offer world-class treatments at reasonable prices.


High power delivery paired with a cordless handpiece means providers have total freedom of movement without compromising results

Minimally invasive + quick

Plasma IQ treatments can be performed in office and can take as little as 30 minutes depending on the treatment area and indication

Cost effective

Value-priced electrodes and skin care

Neauvia Expertise


360° Expertise

Neauvia is comprised of an affiliate network of experts who bring a 360˚ perspective to skin rejuvenation. Neauvia Devices work synergistically with the body’s natural elements and processes to enable providers and patients to fully realize their beauty, self-care and wellness ideals.


in-house engineering

Neauvia devices are designed, manufactured and serviced in-house. Our service team is comprised of experts who have the know-how to design, manufacture, optimize, update and maintain devices so they reliably and consistently deliver peak performance.


proven + reliable

Neauvia was established by Matex Labs in 2012 as a way to actualize expertise gained from hands-on research, manufacturing and testing into a line of unique and insightful medical aesthetic products.


agile innovation

Hands-on control of our product development process from start to finish enables us to bring innovative products to market at an advanced speed without compromising our exacting standards for efficacy, quality and safety.

PLASMA IQ is FDA cleared to be used in the removal and destruction of skin lesions and the coagulation of tissue. The most common side effects are swelling, tenderness, scabbing, and redness. PLASMA IQ is Rx only and should only be used by medically licensed and certified practitioners. For full product and safety information, visit